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Affordable, High-Quality Used Vehicles Near Portland

Are you tired of hitting dead ends when you shop for a used vehicle in Wilsonville? It's either hit and miss while you're on the search-and most times, it's a miss. Some used car dealerships have a boatload of inventory, but they don't have onsite mechanics to inspect their vehicles. In other cases, the inventory is great and in good condition, but the sales associates raise prices or back out on deals they used to lure you into their dealership. If you're tired of the games and want to get straight to the purchase with no funny business in between, Wilson Chevrolet is here to serve you.

We Put Our Money on Our Quality

We invest in every used vehicle that touches our lot. So, we put our money where our mouth is to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for the months and years ahead. Our professional, onsite mechanics inspect every component and recondition our inventory so that it's ready to perform at a high level as soon as you drive off the lot.

For greater reassurance, we provide full vehicle history reports that have every repair and maintenance detail down to the penny. But, if you opt to go with one of our Chevy-certified pre-owned vehicles, you'll have the history report and various limited warranties to go along with your purchase. There's no worries when you shop at Wilsonville Chevrolet.

Used SUVs Near Portland

There's no reason for your family to ride along in a cramped sedan or SUV, especially when there's a plethora of spacious and affordable options at Wilsonville Chevrolet. Give your family the room they need to stretch out in the second or third row with a Chevy Suburban, Chevy Tahoe or Chevy Traverse. These on-brand SUVs are complete with dynamic interior seating space and customizable cargo areas to create additional traveling room.

But, the buck doesn't stop at the used Chevy cars, trucks or SUVs. We've got models from Buick, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen, Jeep, Audi, and more. Don't limit your selections in Vancouver, WA-increase your opportunities of finding a great family vehicle here at Wilsonville Chevrolet.

Used Trucks Near Portland

There are many contractors and business owners from Portland to Salem, OR. And many of them require a capable pickup truck to carry or haul their equipment around town. If you need an affordable, pre-owned Chevy Truck, there's no better place to grab one than a certified Chevy dealer. We've got the Chevy Silverado, Chevy Colorado, and a variety of used trucks from Ram, GMC, Toyota, and more. Check out our used truck inventory and find the vehicle perfectly suited for your needs.

Used Sedans and Coupes Near Portland

If you don't need the space or power of a used truck or a used SUV, the most logical selection is a used sedan. And, we've got plenty to choose from. Sedans are economical ways to travel through Portland and other urban areas because of their size. A smaller vehicle creates better handling and agility-and those features make squeezing into tight parking spaces and weaving through rush hour traffic easier. You can check out what we have from makers like BMW, Audi, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and a host of other producers online or in person.

But, if you have a need for speed, it won't get much faster than a Chevy Camaro. The lone Chevy coupe has no problem competing with or overpowering other vehicles in its class. With multiple customization opportunities both inside and out, the Camaro is the perfect way to flex your muscle in Portland. We also have other coupes in stock from Audi and Mercedes-Benz for your dose of luxurious speed.

Wilsonville Chevrolet

Don't waste your time at dealerships that don't offer the full deal. We've got the inventory, we've got the customer-focused approach, and we've got the deals. It's all for you right here at Wilsonville Chevrolet. Shop online or in person and find the low-priced vehicle that suits you today.

Disclaimer: The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price excludes tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment. Dealer sets final price.

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